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Environment Student Award Information

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Support a student pursuing Environmental Studies by donating to a bursary fund for the
University of Waterloo or University of Guelph. 

University of Waterloo

$1,000 annual bursary for University of Waterloo, Environmental Award for Excellence in Environmental Studies for a Canadian student, has been funded by 5 donors but we welcome continual donations to keep the bursary funded.

Dr. Helen Chen will match the $1,000 award for environmental studies for a total award of $2,000 for the years 2023 -2027.

The names of each of the five donors will be on the annual bursary, as the supporters of the Friendship Gardens Environmental Bursary.  The winner will be selected by University of Waterloo, each year.

Your donation is held by Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation.  Donors receive a 100% tax receipt.

Cheques should be sent to:

Brampton Caledon Community Foundation

P.O. Box 179 Caledon East

Caledon Ontario L7C 3L9

If donating by credit card, an additional transaction fee will be applied.

Gifts of securities are also accepted (100% capital gains exempt)

University of Guelph

$1,000 annual bursary for University of Guelph, for Canadian student, will be funded once we obtain the required capital.

This annual $1,000 award for excellence in environmental studies is being matched by Erika Sayers for a total of $2,000 for the years 2023-2028

To donate to the University of Guelph fund for students taking courses in Environmental Landscape, please open the TD Wealth Information document to learn more.


Donors receive a 100% tax receipt.


$5,000 donation goes to the capital, which we want to meet and attain at $25,000.


Sponsor will be on the certificate given to the chosen student each year and will receive a one-time 100% tax receipt. 


A donor's name giving greater than $1,000 will be on the gift certificate for that specific year and will receive 100% tax receipt. 

Donations for less than $1,000 are also greatly appreciated, but not eligible for a tax receipt.

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