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A History of the Friendship Gardens


Friendship Gardens is a group of volunteers from the communities surrounding Orangeville, who work together fundraising, designing and maintaining the hospital gardens. We only planned on designing one garden (The Fountain Garden/s) and initiated that project in 1999, when we realized there was no budget and no money for gardens.  Patients, staff and visitors used the Fountain Garden/s so much that
we realized we needed a second garden.  Over the years, we assumed maintenance of some existing gardens and built other gardens to ensure that each patient had something lovely to view.


By 2016, we had built or assumed responsibility for ten gardens and over 400 saplings and trees of many varieties. Through donations of expertise, money, labour and equipment, many people and groups have made it possible for us to build and/or maintain these gardens and trees to the high standards we strive for.

You will see and enjoy the gardens changing with each season.

About Us

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